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Jacobi Jewelry

8 Raziel St. Tel Aviv-Jaffa | Tel: 03-6823578

The House of Jacobi Jewelry (est. 1949), features a unique and rare collection of handmade jewelry inspired by eastern traditions as well as western contemporary.

Throughout its existence, the House of Jacobi Jewelry employed many jewelers from different communities who brought with them ancient and unique formal traditions which were expressed in their creative work in the House of Jewelers.

During their many years of working together, the jewelers harnessed their diverse traditions and created a distinct Israeli jewelry style which is unique to the House of Jewelers operative today in Jaffa. The jewelry designs are characterized by style and are full of daring.

In this form, jewelry was created in multi-cultural combinations and therefore gave the Israel jewelry new and aesthetic design dimensions.

In 2008, an exhibition at the Eretz Israel Museum in Tel Aviv presented a collection of Jewelry called "The art of Goldsmith - The Jacobi House of Jewelry from the early days of the State of Israel." During the exhibition, which was introduced with great success for five months, the unique jewelry collection was presented.

The exhibition was curated by Prof. Nurith kenaan - Kedar, who wrote and edited a catalog-book called The art of Goldsmith - Jacobi jewelry in the early years of Israel's statehood. The catalog-book contained many texts and dozens of color photographs depicting the work of the House of Jewelers.

The jewelry presented in this website is small part of a collection of jewelry created at House of Jewelers, including Pins, Necklaces, Bracelets, Charms and Rings that were created using various and exclusive to the House of Jewelers Handmade and traditional techniques such as: Filigree, Hammered Metal and a rich variety of jewelry studded with precious stones.

The work of the House of Jewelers can be found at Museums in Israel and around the world and also in the hands of many collectors.